Ransomware just put Katie’s system into lockdown.

Video: Ransomware just put Katie’s system into lockdown.

Description: https://www.mimecast.com At any given moment, anyone inside your organization could click a malicious URL – without even knowing it’s a phishing scam. Shield your employees and network from spam and virus attacks with Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection. INT. OFFICE - DAY We dolly in on KATIE, an HR Recruiter, who is sifting through e-mails from applicants on her computer at her desk. Coworkers are working in the background. SPOKESPERSON walks into frame. SPOKESPERSON This is Katie. Katie is an HR Recruiter. Every day she goes through countless e-mails with attached resumes, from applicants applying for job openings at her company. Katie clicks and opens up an e-mail and shrugs, moderately impressed. KATIE Hmm. She continues to dig through applicants. SPOKESPERSON What Katie doesn't know is the attachment in the next e-mail isn't a résumé or a cover letter. Katie, focusing on her work, opens up the attachment on the next e-mail and does a double-take, half hearing what the Spokesperson just said. KATIE Huh? Katie's computer screen flashes and a ransom message comes up on screen. Camera begins to zoom in on the Spokesperson. SPOKESPERSON It was actually malware, disguised as a Word document, that has encrypted all of her data demanding that she pay a ransom to get the data back. Back to wide shot of Katie and Spokesperson. KATIE (Concerned and Panicked) What? Back to CU shot of Spokesperson SPOKESPERSON Ransomware. Back to Wide shot. SPOKESPERSON (CONT'D) For protection from cyber attacks like these, get Mimecast. Graphics on screen of IT Admin. Screen (eye candy). SPOKESPERSON (CONT'D) Industry leading protection from spear-phishing, impersonation and ransomware attacks. Logo on Screen SPOKESPERSON (CONT'D) Mimecast, making e-mail safer for business. INT. OFFICE - CONTINUOUS SPOKESPERSON How much are they asking for? Katie nervously points to the screen. SPOKESPERSON (CONT'D) That's a lot... BACK

Think a full system lockdown from Malware won’t cost you?

Someone inside your organization will undoubtedly receive an email attachment that contains ransomware. They will open it, and it will cost your business a lot.

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